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Politics Policy and Practice


This vibrant group of psychologists and lecturers in psychology from the UK, Europe and the United States has established a track record in through a range of outputs in leading initiatives and using psychological research to influence government policy in a number of arenas, including employment, higher education and the community. Specifically, this has included launching the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Psychology in Parliament, leading the establishment of the political psychology section within the British Psychological Society (AW, SC, JM, PB, AP) and publishing research across UK and European organisations on best practice to promote psychological principles in employment for those already in and seeking to join the workforce (CE, AP, AW, SC). In addition, ML has prepared guidance for stakeholders in the implementation of neighbourhood renewal. The PP&P Group is keen to engage with stakeholders and would-be students across a number of areas of public policy in the UK and abroad.


  • Peter Bull
  • Sharon Coen
  • Janine Crosbie
  • Rod Dubrow-Marshall
  • Clare Edge
  • Michael Lomas
  • Anne Pearson
  • Sara Vestergren
  • Ashley Weinberg

Resources and Facilities

We regularly organise events open to the public, as well as workshops and training events. These take place in the cutting edge locations of MediaCity UK Campus  and ThinkLab, among others.


We also conduct consultancy work, for example in the areas of work and organisational psychology and effective communication. We can help on any aspect of study design, including data collection and expert interpretation of findings.  For enquiries, please contact Dr. Ashley Weinberg

Topic areas and outputs


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Community, Health and Education

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PhD outputs

  • Alreshidi, M., Weinberg, A. and Hynes, C. (2018) The impact of training on emotional intelligence, leadership styles and self-efficacy in Saudi Arabia. Paper given at the Institute of Work Psychology conference, ‘Work Psychology: Shaping the future’, Sheffield, June.
  • Ateyah, M. and Weinberg, A. (2018) Prevalence of cyberbullying among academic staff in higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Poster presented at the 11th International Conference on Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace, Bordeaux.
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  • Lomas, M. (2018) Experiences of place attachment and mental well-being in the context of neighbourhood regeneration: an interpretative phenomenological analysis. British Environmental Psychology Society, University of Surrey.