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Current projects

Tendon properties in health and disease - Currently working with groups in Australia and the US to examine responses of the tendon to repetitive loading and also utilising advanced image algorithms to estimate changes to the tendon ultrastructure. Dr Steve Pearson

Systemic glucose management - Development of physiological monitoring of hormonal responses (insulin sensitivity) to different types of muscle contraction mode. In conjunction with TOSOH Bioscience . Lead Dr Steve Pearson with Dr Anna Robins & Martyn Matthews

Fire fighter compartment fire safety - Examination of methods to estimate body core temperature from non invasive physiological parameters in conditions of extreme heat. In conjunction with GMFRS. Martyn Matthews & Dr Steve Pearson

Disabled sport - Understanding the physiological demands and movement patterns of wheelchair court-sports for optimisation of health outcomes and performance. Paul Sindall

Cognition and physical activity - The effect of movement interventions on markers of cognition in healthy individuals, of different ages. Martyn Matthews

Critical care health - Improving the experiences of patients in Critical Care. Helen Carruthers