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Research themes

Later life, health and wellbeing

Current research focuses on managing later life widowhood, examining the caring role and family relationships, and evaluating community engagement activities to prevent loneliness, social isolation and occupational deprivation. In addition research is being conducted with partners in industry into moving and handling, seating and positioning, and pressure relief to maximise occupational function and independence.

We also work closely with the Salford Institute for Dementia

Work, leisure and occupational balance

Research into welfare to work and health related support for benefit recipients, in particular the interventions that are delivered by occupational therapists. A study is also being conducted with practitioners at the Christie Hospital to evaluate the use of a workbook to assist service users to re-engage with meaningful occupations after serious illness or life-disruptive events have jeopardised identity and wellbeing. Occupational balance, using a social media app, is also being researched in conjunction with colleagues in Equity, Health and Wellbeing group

Emotional intelligence, service user engagement and leadership

Emotional intelligence is being researched in conjunction with colleagues in Applied Psychology. Service user engagement is being investigated in conjunction with external partners in practice. The role of leadership and the opportunities and challenges for occupational therapy as a profession are also being explored.