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Foot and Ankle research

  • How foot orthoses geometry affects plantar pressure, foot kinematics and muscle function.
  • Use of 4D foot scanning to understand foot function and orthotic design
  • Improving the design of work place footwear
  • Optimised design of foot orthoses and footwear for offloading in diabetes
  • Digital technologies for 3D printed foot orthoses
  • Development of the foot in infancy (part of SMALL STEPS project)
  • Health beliefs and behaviours in parents and professionals concerned with children’s foot health. (part of SMALL STEPS project)
  • National Foot Orthotic Survey

Knee research

  • Evaluating the responsiveness of treatments on clinical and biomechanical outcomes in knee osteoarthritis
  • The role of exercise and movement specificity on function and biomechanics in health and disease
  • Development of an athletic movement screening profile for risk factors for patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • The role of behavioural change in knee osteoarthritis when using interventions
  • Use of combined therapies in knee related disorders
  • Role of movement variability on injury risk

We are currently recruiting for a number of studies - if you wish to find out more information about the studies and would like to register your interest in participating, click here.