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PhD opportunities

Interested in doing a PhD?

Contact: Penny Cook Within your email, please either send us a project proposal, or include a brief idea of the areas you are interested in.

We do not currently have funded PhD positions, but will update this page when opportunities for funded places are available.

Workplace health theme

Which interventions can effectively reduce the onset and/or prevalence of certain conditions in employees (mental ill health, dementia, obesity, diabetes, arthritis etc.)?

How can we assess the organisational factors that contribute to health and wellbeing?

How does moving in and out of work (redundancy) impact on health and ill health of employees, and how can we build resilience in workers to counteract the effects?

Other areas of interest include:

  • The impact of long term conditions on employment
  • Psychology and politics
  • Psychological health at work
  • Organisational interventions to improve well-being at work
  • Emotional intelligence

Digital health theme

WOMMeN hub

There are opportunities for a PhD student to evaluate the final WOMMeN hub. There are a number of complementary research approaches that could be taken in this work. For example, the work could be positioned within the digital health/media design discipline providing insight into the less well explored contexts of health screening and intimate health. Research questions relating to the most appropriate design and marketing features to attract this specific audience could be explored. The context also provides interesting opportunities for interactional analysts to explore how practitioners and health professionals interact in a virtual space, investigating concepts of power, discourse and client choice in an on-line environment.

An integrated approach to public health interventions in children of primary school age

This research is related to the development and evaluation of an integrated public health intervention.  The intervention will target primary school children in the NW of England; exploring the use/impact of digital technology for data capture and delivery.  Schools have limited resources including time for delivery of health interventions/education however much of a child’s formative years are spent in the school environment. Currently school public health messages are generally delivered as individual topic-based issues rather than as integrated, multi-disciplinary programmes. This can cause problems for teachers as they then have to prioritise what they choose to focus on rather than looking at health behaviours as a whole. Place and setting also influence the outcomes and design of interventions. Schools, home, primary care and community are the most influential settings for primary aged children however few interventions ever attempt to join all these areas together across the trajectory of a child’s daily life and the behavioural decisions taken during habitual daily routines.

Advances in technology provide opportunities to try and develop a joined-up method for delivering health messages, which help with tailoring programmes as well as being used in the collection of data across a variety of settings and time points. A generic application for Android to capture data from primary school children has already been developed by the supervisory team, as part of this proposal the use of the application over traditional methods can be explored. This work will focus on the design, development and evaluation of a pilot behaviour-change intervention using digital data collection tools building on an existing digital data collection App.

Health and Wellbeing across the lifecourse and inequalities themes

There are opportunities PhD projects that link access to and use of greenspace with health and wellbeing.

We welcome applications from potential PhD students on interventions to reduce alcohol harm or interventions to improve sexual health.