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Past projects

Digitising Children’s Data Collection for Health Project (2016)

Development of applications: the ‘Supporting Server Application’ manages and stores data flowing to and from the ‘Tablet Application’, which allows flexible data collection with primary school children. Lead: Anna Cooper

Beth Johnson Foundation – Evaluation of two advocacy services (2015)

Two advocacy projects – for older people affected by dementia and older people affected by cancer are being qualitatively evaluated.  The aims of this evaluation are to produce a model and supporting resources to enable the development of further projects relating to issues affecting older people. Lead: Ziv Amir.

NHS Health Checks (2014)

Using the monitoring of NHS Health Checks delivery to improve quality and outcomes for patients; Vascular Health Checks in Salford (an exploration using FARSITE data). Lead: Margaret Coffey. Team: Tamara Brown, Anna Cooper, Alex Clarke-Cornwell and Penny Cook

Working With Cancer Service - Durham County Council (2014)

The aims of this evaluation were to provide information about the impact of the ‘Working with Cancer Service’ on its users: people affected by cancer, their carers and employers, and other professionals and volunteers.  Key findings were that the majority of participants in this evaluation project identified the need for a service of this kind and the quality of the provision.  Lead: Ziv Amir other staff: Tamara Brown.

Supporting claimants’ health: A role for the Personal Adviser? (2014)

This study was funded by the Health Inequalities Theme within the National Institute for Health Research Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care for South Yorkshire (NIHR CLAHRC SY).   It centred on the way in which welfare claimants’ health-related needs have been understood and addressed within the new welfare-to-work landscape. Lead: Jenny Ceolta-Smith.

Best Practice in Promoting Employee Health and Wellbeing in the City of London (2013-2014)

Investigation of best practice in supporting the health needs of City workers, focusing on large financial and professional services companies. Main findings: Health promotion/wellness multi-component programmes appear to be the most effective in improving employees’ health. Lead: Lindsey Dugdill/Margaret Coffey

Telehealth (2013)

A systematic overview of the literature into the effects on clinical outcomes, cost effectiveness and the patient experience. Lead: Alison Brettle with Tamara Brown

Mental Health Needs Assessment (2012)

Mental Health Needs Assessment – (Department of Health) A project working with 5 Mental Health Trusts in the North of England to improve mental wellbeing in NHS staff through primary and secondary level interventions, identified through the development and delivery of a mental health needs assessment.  Lead:  Lindsey Dugdill/Margaret Coffey

Information and advice to reduce sickness absence in physiotherapy practice (2011-2012)

Evidence-based information and advice to reduce sickness absence: a feasibility study for a clinical trial in a physiotherapy practice. Lead: Chris Parker

Working Well (2010-2013) 

Interventions to address staff sickness absence due to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) within NHS Salford. Impacts: an improvement in staff psychological well-being, satisfaction with work, and identified functional limitations; individual sickness absence records showed a significant decrease; costs were reduced by 26% (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Research in Practice award winner). Lead: Christine Parker; other staff: Tamara Brown

NICE Physical Activity Evidence review (2006-2008)

A review of the evidence regarding workplace physical activity interventions for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Impacts: used to inform the development of national guidelines on physical activity in the workplace (NICE, 2009); used across Canada to inform public health practitioners and the general public about the benefits of physical activity for working populations. Lead: Lindsey Dugdill