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PGR students

Breast Cancer - Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM)
Theme Lead: Professor Peter Hogg

  • Samantha Bird: Experiences of mammographers and female members of the public who are involved as members of a collaborative design team for medical imaging equipment
  • Raed Ali: Analysis of mammography breast screening programmes using lifetime effective radiation risk
  • Olan Olanrewaju: Nigerian women’s perception of mammography breast screening

Ultrasound – Diagnosis and Management of Lower Limb Musculo-Skeletal Disorders
Theme Lead: Dr Gillian Crofts

  • Hussein Mriaty: Dose and image quality optimisation in AP pelvis x-ray imaging on fixed imaging tables; a component of this thesis has also developed a novel scale for assessing visual image quality
  • Jenna Tugwell: Dose and image quality optimisation in AP pelvis imaging on trolley patients
  • Rawan Abdeen: Ultrasound of acute lateral ankle sprains
  • Josephine Tityiwe: Ultrasound pathway for managing diabetic foot 
  • Theophilus Akudjrdu: Ultrasound of rear foot movement in lateral ankle sprain 
  • Joanna Reeves: EMG and ultrasound evaluation of an orthotic device. 
  • Jamal Behrani: Novel analysis of ultrasound achilles tendon imaging
  • Abdelhafid Bassour: Novel analysis of ultrasound plantar fascia imaging
  • Nur ZareenZulkarnaiu: Standardised reporting system for ultrasound examinations

X-ray – Dose and Image Quality Optimisation, and Lesion Detection Performance
Theme Lead: Dr Andrew England

  • Mohammed Benhalim: CT brain dose in paediatric and adult patients
  • Randeep Kulshrestha: 18F imaging in the detection of secondary bone cancer from primary breast cancer
  • Ahmed Abdullah: Impact of image blurring in lesion detection performance in full field digital tomography
  • Maily Alrowily: Patient dose and image quality in abdominal CT scanning for fixed and automatic tube current
  • Maryam Jessop:  Relationship between visual perception and physical measures of image quality and lesion visibility
  • Sadeq Al-Murshedy: Optimum acquisition parameters for DR chest examinations whilst considering changes in paediatric age/size
  • Ali Hussain; Optimum kVp and filter combinations for paediatric radiography of the pelvis

Other Topics
Various Supervisors

  • Seth Angmorterh: Pressure ulcer risk for patients attending diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy procedures using pressure mapping technology
  • Tracey O'Regan: Radiographer’s ‘voice’