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Research Bidding Process

Prior to their submission, the University bid development process requires all research bids to be approved by the Head of School, and all project budgets to be signed off by the Head of Commercial Finance.

The following 8 step process explains the various stages of submitting a research proposal at University of Salford and details the support available to academic staff for completing each stage.

While the following process must be followed in all cases, it is recognised that there could be exceptional situations, like short notice calls for the second stage of a Research Council bid or late invitation to partner in an external bid, where there need to be some flexibility and a speedy approval is required. In such situations please contact the Research and Enterprise Development Manager (Adrian Duckworth – tel: 53538) as soon as possible.

8 Steps to Bidding

1. Develop research idea

  • Discuss the proposal with your Line Manager and a Research Programme Lead

2. Identify funding sources

3. Complete the Proposal Authorisation Form (.doc) and send it to the Associate Head of Research for approval

  • The Project Costing Accountant (Vanda Tomlinson, tel: 54451) will assist with completing this form

4. Once the proposal is approved, prepare the bid

5. Develop the project budget using the fEC

6. Send bid for peer review at least 3 weeks before submission (currently only Research Council and British Academy proposals need to be peer reviewed)

7. Approve the Electronic fEC and email a copy of the bid to the Project Costing Accountant (Vanda Tomlinson)

  • Project Costing Accountant will initiate the bid sign off process (by Head of Commercial Finance and Head of School)

8. Submit the bid (Once fEC is approved by the HoS and HoF)