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Sustainability & Society

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Our work on environmental sustainability is strongly linked to our core focus on social justice. Environmental degradation is often experienced disproportionately by the most disadvantaged communities and, as we transition to a more sustainable, low-carbon society, it is important to find ways to share the benefits across all social groups.

Our team has become an established voice in this field locally, nationally and internationally. We work closely with external organisations, including local authorities, housing providers, the voluntary and community sector, and government. Whilst locally rooted, we are active in a number of national and international partnerships in the UK, Europe and beyond. Our work revolves around the following themes:

  • Socio-technical approaches to building retrofit and sustainable energy
  • Fuel and energy poverty
  • Active travel: walking and cycling
  • Greenspace and wellbeing
  • Urban food growing

SHUSU is a founder and steering group member of the Fuel Poverty Research Network and a member of the support committee of the Cycling and Society Research Network

Click here to hear about Sustainability and Society's recent event held as part of SHUSUs 21st Anniversary:
'Sustainability as if People Mattered' held at Islington Mill in Salford on 16th November 2017