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SHUSU provides a dynamic environment for postgraduate research (PGR) study. We offer various routes to PhD, including full and part time traditional PhD programmes, a Professional Doctorate Programme, an online Doctorate, PhD by Published Works and Masters by Research. We offer excellent supervision, a specialised research training programme and a flexible and supportive PGR environment to help you study full time, part time or at a distance from the University. Our supervisors cover a wide range of topic areas and methods, and further support is offered by integration within the wider PGR community at the Centre for Applied Research in Health, Welfare and Policy (CARe). The following profiles offer a glimpse of the breadth of doctoral research undertaken.

Danielle’s PhD

Danielle Butler is currently undertaking a PhD that aims to explore the role of intermediaries and experiences of energy advice in the context of urban fuel poverty. Danielle’s PhD developed from research she undertook as part of an MSc by Research, which won a Green Gown Award in the category of Student Research and Development. Findings from Danielle’s research have recently been accepted for publication in a special edition of the Indoor and Built Environment journal. Danielle has been and continues to be an active member of SHUSU and has contributed to various projects within the unit, including winning an undergraduate prize for her work on empty homes.

Liviu’s PhD

Liviu Dinu’s research explores the extent to which welfare conditionality improves or impedes the participation of migrant Roma in the UK’s paid labour market. Over the last few decades, British welfare arrangements have become subject to increasing conditionality. This PhD addresses the absence of in-depth research exploring the lived experience of migrant Roma with respect to welfare conditionality within the wider policy context during their transition to the labour market.

Mike’s PhD

Mike Lomas’ research focuses on neighbourhood regeneration and the significance the process of regeneration has for wellbeing and identity. Studies of neighbourhoods and communities highlight the significance of the physical environment and the impact this has on a community experiencing changes to their socio-spatial environment. Through the use of interviews and visual methods, Mike aims to explore residents’ experiences of place attachment and psychological wellbeing in the context of neighbourhood regeneration in order to help to inform the evaluation of a major regeneration project in the North West of England.

Dillon’s PhD

Dillon Newton's area of study combines his dual interests in housing and migration policies. His research looks at the housing experiences of new migrants living within established minority ethnic neighbourhoods and communities. Dillon’s study builds on his past research as part of an MSc in Social Policy that explored the housing pathways of new migrants in the Greater Manchester area. Dillon hopes that his current research will enrich understandings of complex minority ethnic neighbourhoods whilst bringing new knowledge to highly politicised subject matter. 

Other PGR Students

Eve Blezard
Richard Nickson
Ola Ottom

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We encourage prospective students to contact us so that we can explore their research ideas and the opportunities we offer.  For more information please contact  Professor Philip Brown