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Safe Urban Driving

SHUSU are working with cycle training provider BikeRight! in a pilot study that is investigating their new Safe Urban Driving course. Recognising the increasing prevalence of cycling on Greater Manchester’s roads, the course is designed to help people who drive as part of their work to develop skills needed to deal with today’s multi-use roads and includes practical experience of cycling on the roads with qualified instructors.

The research built upon the ‘Communicating Cycle Training’ project and used qualitative research to gain an understanding of the trainee’s prior experiences in sharing the road with bikes, the ways in which elements of the course were received, and the extent to which the course impacts upon the perceptions and practices of the drivers.

Principal Investigator: Dr Graeme Sherriff

Funders: BikeRight! and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM)

Report: ‘Seeing it from a cyclist’s point of view is totally different.’ : understanding the impact of cycling awareness training for HGV drivers