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Eaga Charitable Trust Fuel Poverty Research Library

SHUSU worked closely with Eaga Charitable Trust to consolidate and document their 25-year output as well as look to the future of fuel poverty research.

An online library as been produced to document the legacy of Trust, which closed in late 2019. Founded in 1993, the Trust has supported diverse and highly policy relevant research for 25 years. This library brings together the entirety of this body of outputs under five key themes: HomesPeopleImpactApproaches and Concepts. The library was launched at a special event in the House of Lords on 16th October 2019.

The website also contains outputs from the project that summarise the Trust’s outputs for a range of audiences:

The project included two new studies:
Principal Investigator: Dr Graeme Sherriff

Co-Investigators: Philip Martin, Danielle Butler and Professor Philip Brown