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Championing energy in Pendleton

As part of a wide-ranging regeneration programme in Pendleton, Together Housing and Keepmoat have implemented multiple measures that relate to tenant energy use. There is now an opportunity to work with residents to better understand their energy needs and to promote practices that help residents cut costs and contribute to wider goals of the partnership, including reducing carbon emissions and alleviated poverty. This research combines desk research with interviews and focus groups with staff and residents to provide an overview of tenant attitudes towards and expectations of energy related services, and home heating in particular. It then explores ways in which energy efficient practices can be promoted and facilitated amongst residents and considers the role of energy champions as a way of doing this.

This report is one element of an ongoing partnership between the University of Salford and Pendleton Together, aiming to deliver impact through evidence-based decision making through academic research, teaching and student creativity.

Principal Investigators and Co-investigatorsDr Graeme Sherriff and Philip Martin

Funders: Pendleton Together

Report: Championing Energy in Pendleton