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Bike Share in Greater Manchester

BikeShare in GM report front cover imageThis research provides new evidence of experiences and perceptions of bike share in Greater Manchester. It explores whether, to what extent, and in what forms, bike share can contribute to an overall increase in the number of people cycling, the number of journeys they make, and the health and environmental benefits that follow.

Active travel offers cities opportunities to address vital challenges such as health, air quality and congestion. Bike share is increasingly evident in cities across the globe, whether in the more conventional docked form found in London and Paris or the newer dockless technology facilitated through smartphone Apps.

The research, carried out in summer 2018, comprised an online survey (2270 responses) and 27 qualitative phone interviews. Dockless bike share provider Mobike had been operating in the city region for one year and we were curious to find out more about who was making use of them, why they chose to use them and for what purpose. We wanted to understand how these bikes were fitting into travel patterns and whether they were becoming a regular part of how people get around.

Principal Investigator: Dr Graeme Sherriff

Co-Investigators: Dr Mags Adams; Dr Luke Blazejewski;  Dr Nicholas Davies; Dr Daiga Kamerade-Hanta

Partner: British Cycling

Funders: Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF);  British Cycling

Report: Download the final report