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GUAC Proving Value: Housing Provider Interventions for Improving Employment & Life Chance Outcomes

The membership of Give Us A Chance (GUAC) has been involved in a range of initiatives to improve the employment and life chance outcomes of residents, including working with employment support sector organisations and the third sector. The overall aim of this research is to deepen understanding of what interventions and partnerships work best to support people to sustain their tenancies, but also of how to prove the value of housing provider spending on employment support. This mixed methods project will provide the following:

  1. A review of social housing provider activity on employment and life-chance outcomes;
  2. A review of the impact measures currently used across the social housing sector;
  3. An understanding of ‘what works’ and measures used among GUAC members; and
  4. A comparison of projects in different areas of the UK.

Funder: Give Us A Chance (GUAC)

Principle Investigator: Dr Mark Wilding

Co-Investigators: Dr Lisa Scullion, Katy Jones & Philip Martin