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Understanding the transition to civilian life for ex-Service personnel with physical conditions as a direct result of service or acquired whilst in service

This project will provide a new and original evidence base to inform future policy and practice in relation to the experiences of those wounded, injured or sick and their families who are or have made the transition to civilian life. The study will be informed by a comprehensive review of relevant literature and data, alongside new empirical data generated from consultation as follows:

1.15 semi-structured interviews with policy and practice stakeholders.  

2.120 repeat qualitative longitudinal interviews with a sample of 60 Service leavers who who are either currently in the process of transition or have made the transition to civilian life.

Year(s): 2019-2021

Principal Investigator: Dr Celia Hynes (UClan)

Co-investigator: Professor Lisa Scullion

Research team: Dr Cormac Lawler

Funding source: Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT)