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Salford Anti-Poverty Taskforce

In February 2017, Salford City Council launched its new Anti-Poverty Strategy , outlining the approach of the Council and its partners to addressing poverty across the city. In support of this Strategy, SHUSU has been working with Salford City Council to establish the Salford Anti-Poverty Taskforce. The aim of this Taskforce is to provide robust research and analysis that can feed into the delivery and development of the Anti-Poverty Strategy, focusing on both qualitative and quantitative research.

Working with academics from across the University, SHUSU is responsible for coordinating a programme of research that supports Salford’s anti-poverty agenda. Our current Taskforce projects include: the impact of the benefit cap; poverty in the private rented sector; exploring ‘affordable rents’; and the link between poverty and child protection. The Taskforce will also provide opportunities for students to support the Anti-Poverty Strategy through dissertation projects and placements.

Principle Investigator: Dr Lisa Scullion

Funders: Salford City Council

Further information: Salford Anti-Poverty Strategy
Article on the project can be found in the GM Providers Anti-Poverty Newsletter Issue 16, pg 32