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Salford CAB: Evaluation of Salford Crisis Support

Salford is in the top 10 percent of most deprived local authority districts in England, based on proportion of deprived neighbourhoods, with recent research suggesting that approximately 70% of people in Salford live in ‘highly deprived’ areas of the city, around 13% of people are long-term unemployed, and more than a quarter of children live in poverty. Within this context, Salford Citizens Advice Bureaux and partners have received funding through the Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Help Through Crisis’ programme to help people overcome crisis brought about through hardship. To make a real difference, the project will be open to as many people as possible, work with partners rooted in areas of high deprivation, and actively recruit volunteers to reflect the cultural diversity of the city.

To support this programme, SHUSU are providing an evaluation of Salford Crisis Support over a two year period, which will look at how learning from the project can be shared to maximise the impact of best practice. Our evaluation has five specific objectives:

  1. To support and empower Salford Crisis Support to robustly evaluate and measure the impact of the project;
  2. To identify good practice and critical success factors;
  3. To measure and evaluate support to beneficiaries in having more influence on service delivery within the project and a stronger, collective voice to influence policy and practice both locally and nationally;
  4. To identify and evaluate causes of poverty and effective interventions which will inform local and national policy, and contribute to ongoing discussions and future service design; and
  5. Evaluate the benefits of effective collaborative working.

Project is running from 2017-2019.

Funder: Citizens Advice Salford

Principle Investigator: Dr Mark Wilding

Co-Investigators: Dr Lisa Scullion & Philip Martin