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DWP & Oxfam Wales Livelihood Training Programme Evaluation 2016

The overall aim of this research was to provide an appropriate evaluation of the Livelihoods Training Project, including documenting and evaluating the operation of the project and its impact on DWP staff, service users and participating community partners. As part of this, the evaluation had three specific objectives:

1. To understand how the project was delivered, assessing to what extent the Theory of Change for the project was fulfilled, and the factors affecting success.

2. To set out the difference the project made in terms of quantitative (statistically measurable) impact for key project outcomes, including the learning from and limitations of this assessment.

3. To present an assessment of how the benefits of the project relate to the costs.

Both the interim and final reports from this work can be found here

Principle Investigator and Co-Investigators: Dr Lisa Scullion, Katy Jones, Phil Martin and Dr Mark Wilding

Funders: DWP and Oxfam Wales