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Richard Nickson

Encouraging greater public participation in planning – an examination of the impact of the Localism Act 2011 on neighbourhood planning in England.


An ethnographic investigation into emergent phenomenon of community led neighbourhood planning, in the context of sustainable urban regeneration in England. The researcher is aiming to signpost best practice in “what works” in Neighbourhood Planning, with the focus on the motivation, ambition, values and organisational approaches of urban community forum.

Funder: University of Salford

Supervisor(s): Professor Philip BrownErik Bichard and Stephen Curwell.

Richard is a professionally qualified (CMILT, MCIHT) person with over twenty years’ experience in local government planning, regeneration, highways, transportation and environmental services. This has included successful delivery of award winning physical improvements to towns and cities and the management of education, engineering and enforcement programmes aimed at reducing death and injury on the road.

Research Interests

Community development; planning; urban regeneration; sustainability; participation; ethnographic techniques; grounded theory; institutional analysis.

Selected Current and Recent Publications

Richard is a second year PhD postgraduate and although he has published previously, these papers have been in the context of Transportation Planning and Engineering.

He has presented at SPARC 2012 and 2013, and aims to publish works in due course.


Please contact the SHUSU office to get in touch.