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Our staff

Our strong multidisciplinary research team has the following members:


Prof Philip Brown

Urban Studies

Co Directors

Dr Lisa Scullion

Social Policy

Dr Graeme Sherriff

Core Members

Dr Andrea Gibbons

Social Policy

Mr Philip Martin

Social Policy

Wider Members

  • Prof Anya Ahmed
  • Liz Burns
  • Dr Andrew Clark
  • Dr Mike Hardman
  • Gabi Hesk
  • Dr Michelle Howarth
  • Dr Daiga Kamerade
  • Dr Tina Patel
  • Dr Michaela Rogers
  • Dr Mark Wilding
  • Mike Lomas

PhD Students

Research Associates

  • Aisling McCourt
  • Dr Ewa Duda-Mikulin
  • Hilary Turley
  • Nathan Whittle