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Housing & Neighbourhoods

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SHUSU has a long and established reputation in the field of housing and neighbourhoods built up over 21 years of work. Our housing programmes have produced many local and regional housing and urban leaders over the last few decades. Our team continues to actively contribute to undergraduate and postgraduate education in the field of housing.

Our work on identifying the housing needs of older people, diverse communities and homeless populations has led to real-world impacts in how policies are developed and practice is implemented. We have produced toolkits for central government departments, executive agencies and regional bodies. We produce in-depth reports that present robust analyses of housing and neighbourhood issues at the intersection of the policy context, organisational delivery and individual voices. Our work in this area builds on these strong foundations and includes projects that focus on:

  • The relationship between welfare and housing
  • Global housing and the transfer of knowledge between countries
  • Diversity and housing
  • Environments of ageing
  • Homelessness
  • Community safety
  • Social relations in neighbourhoods
  • Digital housing
  • Regeneration