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Work with SHUSU

SHUSU works with partners locally, nationally and internationally. We focus on providing evidence-based research and engaging in the transfer of knowledge that helps to ensure a more equitable future for all.


Our work transcends academia and leads to productive engagement with a wide range of public, private and third sector organisations and collaboration with people across society. We connect with governments, industry, local municipalities, health and welfare providers, the voluntary sector, civil society and other academic institutions. We have a number of close partnerships with organisations working in sectors such as housing, welfare, placemaking and public health. In addition, we have major international partnerships in a number of countries, including Norway, Australia and the United States, and across Europe.

Knowledge transfer

We hold events, seminars, debates and lectures as one way to transfer knowledge between our team and our partners. We also work with external colleagues as associates of SHUSU in order to ensure that our work remains grounded and applied in order to facilitate real-world social change.


SHUSU receives funding from a range of funders and donors such as international agencies, the European Union, the UK Research Councils, the private sector, major charities and a range of local and regional partners.

Engaging with policy

Knowledge exchange into policy is a key dimension of our work and is embedded in all our research processes, our research environment and our objectives from the inception of projects and throughout their lifespan. Our work has featured in Hansard and reports by international agencies, the UK government and local government. Many of our projects are co-developed from the outset alongside policy-makers and practitioners. Members of our team have been appointed as specialist advisors and are routinely asked to present their work to policy actors.