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Promoting diversity and inclusivity in Dementia Services in Salford

In light of significant increases to Salford’s minority ethnic population in recent years, coupled with a general lack of knowledge of the experiences of BME people with dementia, this project had the following aims: to improve access to dementia services for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities in Salford, increase carer identification and registration, and raise awareness of the needs of Salford’s diverse communities; and to increase staff knowledge/develop evidence-based decision-making relating to minority communities who may access dementia services/general health and social care related services in Salford. Primary research involved interviews and focus groups with stakeholders and community members, along with secondary analysis of quantitative data. Findings and recommendations include identification of a need for education, information and publicity about the availability of dementia services for Salford’s BME communities, but also increased awareness and training for service providers.

Funding Body: The Joint Health and Wellbeing Innovation Fund 2015 (Salford Clinical Commissioning Group; Salford City Partnership; Salford Community and Voluntary Services)

Project value: £19,187

Project timeline: 2016 –2017

Project Team: Dr Anya Ahmed (Principal Investigator); Dr Mark Wilding (Co-Investigator); Ms Rita Haworth(Co-Investigator); Ms Su McCaughan (Co-Investigator)