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Mapping Careers, Mobilities and Impacts in the Social Sciences and Humanities

The EU-funded project POCARIM (Mapping the population, careers, mobilities and impacts of advanced research degree graduates in the social sciences and humanities) project focused on PhD holders who were awarded SSH degrees between 2000 and 2012 from 10 Member States and Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.

A survey conducted electronically in the 13 POCARIM countries which generated more than 1,000 responses was followed by interviews with 325 SSH PhD holders working in various industries and organisations throughout all partner countries. Findings were highlighted in a series of policy briefs which focused on six core SSH themes: career paths; research impact; networking; interdisciplinarity; international mobility; and partnering, parenting and caring. The policy briefs were complemented by 13 in-depth policy reports that expanded on these themes.

All outputs were fed into a final report targeting research policymakers and other stakeholders that outlines key findings and 30 recommendations based on the 6 themes. Overall, findings show that SSH graduates are creative, eager and involved in a broad range of activities that lead to impactful results. SSH research has clearly contributed to the social and economic challenges facing Europe today.

POCARIM enhanced the understanding of the mobility and impacts of SSH researchers in the 13 participating countries and beyond.

Funding Body: European Union

Project value: 1,000,000 Euro

Project timeline: March 2012-August 2014

Project team: Professor Louise Ackers (Co-Investigator); Dr Chris Coey (Co-Investigator)

Key Outputs

Ackers, H.L. (2013) ‘Mobility, co-presence and purpose: contextualising internationalisation in research careers’, in Sociology and Technoscience, Vol 2, No 3, Special Issue ‘Women in Movement’

Ackers, H.L. (2013) ‘From ‘partial migrations’ to mundane transnationalism: socio-legal (re)conceptualisations of contemporary intra-EU migration’, in FMW – Online Journal on Free Movement of Workers within the European Union, pp. 7-20. Available here

Coey, C (in preparation) ‘International mobility and knowledge in social science and humanities research’, in Globalisation, Societies and Education

Inzelt, A. & L. Czonka (2015) ‘The careers of PhDs in Hungary (Social Sciences and Humanities)’, in International Journal of Technology and Globalisation

Millard, D. (in preparation) ‘Intersectoral mobility, proximity and the development of communities of practice: European social science PhD graduates’, in in Globalisation, Societies and Education

Jons, H. (in preparation) ‘Geographies of transnational career (im)mobility in segmented European labour markets’, in Globalisation, Societies and Education

Perista, H., Perista, P., and Vinck, D. (2015) ‘Doctoral graduates of the Social Sciences and Humanities career paths: the case of Portugal’, in Revista Lusófona de Estudos Culturais, vol. 3, no 2, pp. 143 – 159

Vinck D. (submitted), ‘What do Doctoral Graduates of the Social Sciences and Humanities do? Mapping Career Paths and Working Outside Academia’, in Higher Education.

Policy Reports

Inzelt, A. and L. Csonka (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 1: The Careers and Impacts of Doctoral Degrees in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Aycan, Z. and A. Burcin Baskurt (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 2: Predictors of Unemployement of PhD Graduates in Social Sciences and Humanities

Bacova, D. (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 3: Social factors Affecting the Career Choices of PhD Graduates

Vinck, D. (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 4: Working outside Academia

Millard, D.  (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 5: Societal Impact in Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Graduates in Europe

Reale, E., G. Marini and Z. Aycan (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 6: The Impact of SSH Graduates

Ackers, L. (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 7: The Importance of Networking to the Careers, Mobilities and Impacts of POCARIM Respondents

Coey, C. (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 8: Interdisciplinarity in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Millard, D. (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 9: Intersectoral Mobility of Social Sciences and Humanities PhD Graduates in Europe

Coey, C., D. Kupiszewska and M. Kupiszewski (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 10: The Internationalisation of Careers in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Jöns, H.and H. Deakin (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 11: Geographies of Transnational Career (Im)mobility of European PhD Graduates in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Perista, H. and P. Perista (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 12:The Impact of Partnering, Parenting and other Caring Responsibilities on SSH Work and Careers