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Meeting the Housing needs of Ex-Services Personnel in Tameside

Evidence suggests that significant numbers of ex-Services personnel face difficulties after returning to civilian life, including financial hardship, poor physical and mental health, and low self-esteem. Housing is a key area where ex-Services personnel require support; SSAFA – the Armed Forces charity has found that many working age veterans believe their housing situation has been disadvantaged by military service.

The aim of the project is to review the extent to which the housing needs of ex-Services personnel in Tameside are being met and to make recommendations for potential improvements. The methods include telephone interviews with housing providers and ex-Services charities, and a review information in order to investigate what is known about the circumstances of ex-Services personnel by staff in organisations operating locally; what they offer to ex-Services personnel; what demands are placed on organisations; and what support service providers feel they need to best meet extant needs.

Funding Body: Tameside Council

Project value: £2000

Project timeline: 2016 –2017

Project Team: Dr Mark Wilding (Principal Investigator)