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Measuring the impact and value of health librarians

This project involved a large scale mixed methods study to determine the value and impact of clinical librarian services operating within the English NHS. It used a capacity building approach to develop research skills in a group of librarians.  As well as contributing to impacts on patient care (for example by providing information to help diagnosis), and continuing professional development of health professionals, clinical librarians also contribute to a wide range of wider outcomes such as reducing risk, improving safety and reducing costs (for example length of stay). The evidence from this project is being used to advocate for increased clinical librarian services across the UK and the tools developed have been adapted to form a generic tool.

Funding Body: Health Care Libraries Unit

Project Value: £10,000

Project timeline: 2011-2013

Project Team: Professor Alison Brettle (Principal Investigator), Michelle Maden (Edgehill University), Clare Payne (Merseycare NHS Trust)

Access to Value and Impact Tool -