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i-Care Project evaluation

The project sought to support change management and workforce development across the Council’s health and social care services during a period of transformation activity in mid-to-late 2015.The evaluation assessed the project according to its aims, including but not limited to workforce development, shaping service demand/need, deepening/widening relationships with partners, integrating commissioning cultures, and the roll out of family based skills training. To do so, project documentation was reviewed, and workforce and multi-agency employees were consulted through an online survey, focus groups and interviews. Interviews were also conducted with service users.

The evaluation found that the intended outcomes relating to workforce understanding of the financial situation that Trafford Council faces, as well as understanding of and support for the changes that CFW is undertaking, appear to have been fully met. Some areas for improvement were highlighted, however, around levels of comfort with the changes and resilience amongst the CFW workforce and multi-agency employees. Service users also appear to feel listened to and to be engaging more/becoming more self-reliant. The evaluation makes a number of recommendations, including the continuation of the Tackling Engagement and workforce development training; the exploration of longer contracts with partner organisations; and, for senior leaders to spend more time with front line staff in order to keep the needs of workforce/service users at the heart of any future changes.

Funding Body: Trafford Borough Council

Project value: £9,815

Project timeline: Sept 2015 –May 2016

Project Team: Dr Mark Wilding (Principal Investigators); Dr Tina Patel (Co-Investigator); Mr Dave Bewick (Video production).