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Greater Manchester Kidney Information Network (GMKIN) -  a social media user generated information portal

The Greater Manchester Kidney Information Network (GMKIN) is driving patient engagement through an innovative joint venture between the Hope Kidney Patient Association (HKPA) and the University of Salford. This venture was set up using social media as a strategy to engage patients to create and share information, funded by the British Kidney Patients Association and British Renal Society. The initial research demonstrated the impact of social media on satisfying patient information needs and health and social outcomes. The project developed a bespoke online GMKIN platform available at which to enable patients to access information, register blogs, add comments and ask questions. There have been a total 41,922 page views since its inception. GMKIN also supports a Facebook, a closed patient to patient social networking group, complemented by the GMKINet twitter account which is helping to raise profile and increase followers to boost patient engagement. GMKIN recently widened participation to include the Manchester Royal Infirmary Kidney Patient Association (MRI KPA) and is planning to expand, redesign and improve the function of the site, with the aim to further increase patient involvement.

Funding Body: Kidney’s for Life Charity, Hope Kidney Patients Association and Manchester Royal Kidney Patients AssociationGMKIN

Project value: £14,000

Project timeline: Sep 2016 - Aug 2017

Project team: Professor Paula Ormandy and Dr Cristina (Joint Principal Investigators); Mr Robert Finnigan (GMKIN Manager); Keith Pennington (Chair, Hope Kidney Patients Association); Mr Mike Kewley and Guy Hill (MRI Kidney Patients Association)