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Evaluation of the Homelessness Part of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014

We are currently undertaking a large scale longitudinal post-implementation evaluation to inform the Welsh Government’s understanding of the impact of the recent homelessness legislation. The evaluation utilises a mixed-methods approach, involving analysis of quantitative secondary data; a survey and review of all 22 Welsh local authorities; qualitative interviews with national stakeholders; and extensive engagement and consultation with service providers and service users in a selection of case study areas. This evaluation will be feeding directly into the Welsh Government’s future homelessness policy development.

Funding Body: Welsh Government

Project value: £90,000

Project timeline: 2016-2017

Project Team: Dr Anya Ahmed (Principal Investigator); Dr Mark Wilding (Co-Investigator); Professor Phil Brown (SHUSU Co-Investigator); Katy Jones (SHUSU Co-Investigator); Iolo Madoc-Jones (Co-Investigator); Phil Martin (SHUSU Co-Investigator); Sue McAndrew (Co-Investigator); Michaela Rogers (Co-Investigator);  Lisa Scullion (SHUSU Co-Investigator)