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Evaluation of the DWP and Oxfam Livelihoods Training Project

This project is an evaluation of an innovative training programme aimed at embedding an understanding of poverty within the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) service across Wales. The evaluation involves a mixed methods approach, combining quantitative surveys with DWP staff, service users and external partners, with in-depth qualitative case study work in a selection of local areas. We will also be undertaking Social Return on Investment analysis for the project. This evaluation will be supporting the development and future roll out of further training for DWP staff across Wales.  

Funding Body: Oxfam Cymru and Department of Work and Pensions

Project value: £15,000

Project timeline: 2016-2017

Project Team: Dr Lisa Scullion (SHUSU, Principal Investigator); Dr Mark Wilding (Co-Investigator); Katy Jones (SHUSU Co-Investigator); Phil Martin (SHUSU Co-Investigator)