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Developing expertise in on-line communication with health service users: a multi-dimensional approach

wommenThis project will make use of a health screening information hub, ( )  recently developed by the team listed above, as a test bed to explore the challenges and possibilities faced in the new era of on-line communication with clients and patients.

As well as challenges, the use of SoMe in the health setting offers exciting possibilities for targeting specific groups, identified by their online SoMe profiles. This digital marketing approach is widely used in the commercial sector but has not yet been fully utilised for pushing public health messages. As a health screening information tool, the WoMMeN hub will provide an excellent opportunity for digital marketing, health, media psychologist and digital arts students to work collaboratively in exploring these possibilities.

The objectives are therefore:

  1. To develop an online learning package on the professional use of SoMe for practitioners.
  2. To explore and evaluate the use of digital marketing in promoting health messages
  3. To evaluate the use of SoMe in the health screening context and its impact on screening behaviour

To engage multi-professional groups of students and qualified practitioners in achieving these objectives

Funders: Higher Education Innovation Fund

Project Value: £17,000

Project Time: Dec 2016 - Jun 2017

Project Team: Dr Leslie Robinson (Principal Investigator); Dr Marie Griffiths, Alex Fenton, Dr Adam Galpin, Dr Jo Meredith, Dr Julie Wray, Dr Cristina Vasilica, Dr Marianne Pater, Dr Claire Mercer, Veronica Newton (Co-Investigator)