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Increasing employability and work opportunities for people managing chronic kidney disease through digital skills

This innovative pilot project aims to investigate whether it is possible to develop sustainable routes into the digital workforce, for people managing chronic kidney disease (CKD) who are facing significant barriers in re-joining the labour market. This will be achieved through a bespoke digital skills training and work experience programme for people managing CKD, currently out of work or seeking employment retraining. This approach will facilitate a flexible re-engagement with the labour market and alongside more formal education we hope to accommodate and address social/health limitations, increase self-efficacy and self-confidence, community resilience and personal wellbeing. Through training bursaries, people will be provided with opportunities to engage in the digital skills training programme and gain ‘real life’ paid work experience through placements; to enhance employee profiles and facilitate alternative flexible employment options. The success of the pilot project will be examined over time by measuring and monitoring digital skill development, sustainability of placement and employment, impact on personal health and wellbeing (self-efficacy and self-confidence), and impact on wider labour market opportunities.

Funding Body: British Kidney Patients Association BKPA

Project Value: £47,882

Project Timeline: Sept 2016-Aug 2018

Project Team: Professor Paula Ormandy (Principal Investigator); Dr Cristina Vasilica (Research Fellow); Mr Keith Pennington (Chair, Hope Kidney Patients Association); Mr Robert Finnigan (GMKIN Manager)