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Measuring the impact of the Belong model on effective service delivery, quality of life and the wider community

Belong is one of the pioneers of the ‘household’ model, and as an organisation the priority is to offer higher quality of life and a higher quality of personal care. There is currently a lack of data evidencing the impact of such household and village models in the community, or what differentiates Belong from other service providers. The project will address the gaps in evidence and integrate outcome measures within standard service delivery, exploring resident experience and quality of life. This will ensure that a long-term sustainable and robust evidence base of service delivery and impact is collated and interpreted by service staff and allow continual feedback to change, improve and direct future business and facilitate growth.

Funding Body: HEIF Funding with CLS Care Services (Belong Villages)   belong

Project value: £97,337

Project timeline: Jan 2017 – Dec 2018

Project team: Dr Anya Ahmed and Professor Paula Ormandy (Joint Principal Investigators); Tracy Paine (Operations Director Belong); Maaike Seekles (Research Impact Associate)