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A Co-produced interactive tool for Housing Associations to assess standards of equity, inclusion and Cohesion

The aim of the project is to enable Housing Diversity Network (HDN) to support social housing providers to assess their performance in Equality and Inclusion, and action plan and track progress. This project will bring together a group of social housing providers – with varying levels of focus on equality and diversity issues – to co-produce an interactive tool to enable them to assess their performance in key areas of equality and diversity. The priorities, which will go beyond legal requirements to reflect best practices, will be co-produced through workshops with housing providers but are likely to focus on: Recruitment, retention and development of the best talent; Delivering appropriate, accessible services; and Supporting inclusive communities. Along with developing the tool, we are working with HDN and the housing providers to leave a framework in place for HDN to periodically evaluate performance of the tool.

Funding Body: Housing Diversity Network and the Higher Education Innovation FundHDN

Project value: £39,628

Project timeline: 2016 –2017

Project Team: Dr Anya Ahmed and Dr Mark Wilding and (Joint-Principal Investigators); Dr Cristina Vasilica (Co-Investigator)