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Final Outputs

POCARIM (2014) POCARIM Final Report

Vinck, D. (2014) POCARIM Policy Brief 1: Career Paths in SSH

Millard, D. (2014) POCARIM Policy Brief 2: Impacts of SSH

Ackers, H.L. (2014) POCARIM Policy Brief 3: Networks and Networking in SSH

Coey, C. (2014) POCARIM Policy Brief 4: Interdisciplinarity in SSH

Coey, C.  (2014) POCARIM Policy Brief 5: Internationalisation and International Mobility in SSH

Perista, H. and P. Perista (2014) POCARIM Policy Brief 6: Partnering, Parenting and Caring in SSH

In addition to the Final Report and the Policy Briefs, POCARIM produced a wide range of longer Policy Reports:

Inzelt, A. and L. Csonka (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 1: The Careers and Impacts of Doctoral Degrees in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Aycan, Z. and A. Burcin Baskurt (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 2: Predictors of Unemployement of PhD Graduates in Social Sciences and Humanities

Bacova, D. (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 3: Social factors Affecting the Career Choices of PhD Graduates

Vinck, D. (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 4: Working outside Academia

Millard, D.  (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 5: Societal Impact in Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Graduates in Europe

Reale, E., G. Marini and Z. Aycan (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 6: The Impact of SSH Graduates

Ackers, L. (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 7: The Importance of Networking to the Careers, Mobilities and Impacts of POCARIM Respondents

Coey, C. (2014)  POCARIM Policy Report 8: Interdisciplinarity in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Millard, D. (2014)  POCARIM Policy Report 9: Intersectoral Mobility of Social Sciences and Humanities PhD Graduates in Europe

Coey, C., D. Kupiszewska and M. Kupiszewski (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 10: The Internationalisation of Careers in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Jöns, H.and H. Deakin (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 11: Geographies of Transnational Career (Im)mobility of European PhD Graduates in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Perista, H. and P. Perista (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 12:The Impact of Partnering, Parenting and other Caring Responsibilities on SSH Work and Careers

Ackers, H.L. (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 13: The Role of Relationships in Knowledge Mobilisation: Some Conclusions and Policy Recommendations

Woolley, R. (2014) POCARIM Policy Report 14: Secondary Data Analysis – Policy Note


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