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Mobilities Careers and Care

This programme of research embraces work on the geography of contemporary mobilities, the demographics and characteristics of the mobile and immobile; the relationships between mobility and care both in terms of social needs and care provision.  The research programme is actively involved in work on inter-generational mobilities including work on retirement mobilities and the relationships between mobility and career progression amongst students and early career professionals.

KH&P in collaboration with other groups such as SHUSU, and digital experts is working to increase and extend the working careers of people. The current context of persistently high levels of long term unemployment and inactivity in the working age population creates a real-life challenge for unskilled people, people with disabilities or long term health problems. Developing digital skills, retaining people to offer more flexible and mobile careers could be the solution to engage and sustain people in the labour market. In addition, it begins to address national concerns about widespread barriers from ‘digital exclusion’ and digital skills gaps that impinge on realising the full potential of the digital sector.

We are also interested in the role that volunteering and unpaid internships play in these processes and the inequalities they generate. In collaboration with the

Project Examples