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Post-doctoral researchers

This area of work has been stimulated by the presence of 3 post-doctoral researchers, a project manager and 4 new doctoral researchers focused on different aspects of international mobilities.

Dr Anya Ahmed

Dr Anya AhmedDr Anya Ahmed’s research focuses on migration and diversity, belonging and  different  forms  of  community and ‘home’, place and housing. She recently led the Somalis in London research, part of the At Home in Europe project on integration and social inclusion and is now partnering the Somali Cultural Centre in Camden on the Somali Dementia Aware Project. Dr Ahmed  is  the  Inclusiveness  and Diversity Lead for the Salford Institute for Dementia and is also working on a number of projects in the social housing sector.

Dr Mark Wilding  

Dr Mark WildingDr Mark Wilding’s research has focused on administrative reform, policy  transfer,  social  enterprise,    and the performance of emotional labour by local government employees. He has an interest in the role of social constructions in public policy and administration, and has conducted several comparative studies of the UK and South Korea.  

Dr Susie Balderston  

Dr Susie Balderston’s research focuses on interventions and policy with disabled or Deaf participants, victims and Survivors after disablist hate crime and rape. Susie has served as an advisor to the Equality and Human Rights Commission Statutory Inquiry into Disability Harassment, EU Daphne III  project  with  disabled    women after violence and NIHR Barriers and Discrimination in Healthcare research. She has acted as Policy Director of a user-led organisation of disabled people in Tyne and Wear since 2003 and has conducted policy development and evaluation in health and social care with the Department  of  Health,  32    local authorities, NHS Trusts and Police Forces in the last ten years.  

Rita Haworth  

Rita HaworthRita Haworth’s research focuses on user engagement, public and patient inclusion in decision making within the NHS and assessing policy outcomes  in  relation  to    service users and providers.  

Chris Coey  

Chris Coey’s is a post-doctoral researcher in the School of Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work & Social Sciences at the University of Salford. He has an interest in questions of mobility and internationalisation in higher education, academic work and careers, as well as mobility and migration  more  broadly.  He    is currently working on an evaluation of the pilot phase of a volunteer mobility programme for UK health and social sciences students from the UK to Uganda.  

Chris recently completed work on the European Union-funded POCARIM project (Mapping the Population, Careers, Mobilities and Impacts of Advanced Research Degree Graduates in the Social Sciences and Humanities). In the past Chris has worked on evaluations of European mobility schemes and internationalisation  of  UK  higher    education institutions. His doctoral work focused on the role of mobility and place in internationally mobile academic careers in the context of the UK’s internationalising higher education sector.    

Prior to his doctoral work, Chris studied International Education (PG Dip) and Comparative Education (MA) in Australia and the UK; he also taught English as a Foreign Language in Australia, Asia and the Middle East for many years, specialising in academic language and skills in university contexts.  These  experiences  inform    Chris’s approach to the research of mobility, higher education and internationalisation and ground them in a variety of local, national and supra-national scales.  

Dr John Chatwin

Dr John Chatwin is a Research Fellow in the School of Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work & Social Sciences. His main research interests are micro-interaction and sociolinguistics (particularly applied Conversation Analysis). He also has a strong background in ethnography, visual methods and general  qualitative  methods.

John is currently working on the Health Education England funded project Measuring the Outcomes for Volunteering for Education (MOVE). In the light of current policy initiatives aimed at broadening the availability of overseas placements for NHS staff, this study aims to provide a better  understanding  of  the  benefits to the NHS that such activities provide. The study also aims develop a psychometric tool which can be integrated into NHS recruitment systems to help match placement opportunities to the skills needs of staff.

Alongside his academic work, he is director of a production company Visible Research ( which specialises in producing research and dissemination films.

Recent publications include:

Capstick A, Chatwin J  &  Ludwin K. Challenging Representations of Dementia  in  Contemporary  Western  Fiction. In: Popularising Dementia. (Aging Studies) Swinnen A & Schweda M (eds). (In press)

Capstick A  & Chatwin J.  The carnival is not over: Bakhtinian cultural resistance in dementia care. Pragmatics and Society. (In press)

Chatwin  J,  Kennedy  A,  Firth  A, Povey A, Rogers A  &  Saunders C. (2014) How potentially serious symptom changes are talked about and managed in COPD clinical review consultations. Social Science and Medicine.113: 120-136.

Chatwin J, Saunders C, Kennedy A,  Povey  A,  Frank  T,  Booton R & Barber P. (2014) The mediation of social influences on smoking cessation and awareness of the early signs of lung cancer. BMC – Public Health.14. 1043.

Dr Debbie Millard

Dr Debbie Millard is a postdoctoral research fellow working on projects around knowledge mobility and mobilisation. She is currently working on the European Union-funded POCARIM project and on the development of further research proposals on the topic of knowledge mobilisation. She has a background  in  management,  in  particularly organisational theory and entrepreneurship and innovation. She has worked on a large range of research projects that relate to knowledge mobilisation, knowledge management and organisational learning.

Mr James Ackers-Johnson

Mr James Ackers-Johnson is Project manager on the MOVE project and Placement manager for the electives project.