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The team

Karen Barker

Elaine Beaumont

Psychotherapy And Counselling

Gosia Bowling

Lecturer in CBP

Kyle Charnley


Elizabeth Charnock

Lecturer in Children's Nursing

Dr Elizabeth Collier

Mental Health

Gillian Crossthwaite

Adrian Duckworth

R&E Development Manager

Phil Eva

David Garbutt

Lecturer in Adult Nursing (EoL and LTC)

Dr Emma Gillaspy


Carole Haines

Lecturer in Social Work

Dr Chris Hewson

Impact Coordinator

Vee Howard-Jones

Midwifery, Counselling & Psychotherapy

Dr Michelle Louise Howarth

Therapeutic Horticulture

Dr Jaqueline Leigh


Prof Ben Light

Digital Society

Fiona MacVane Phipps


Dr Alan Priest

Counselling, Psychotherapy, Psycholinguistics

Dr Gillian Rayner

Mental Health

Robert Richie

Learning & Development Specialist

June Rutherford

Helen Scholar

Lecturer in Social Work

Melanie Stephens

Tissue Viability And Nurse Education

Tyler Warburton


Neil Withnell

Mental Health Nursing