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The team

Academic members


Doctoral students

Students supported by CYP@Salford are integral members of the research group, adding more internationality to our efforts, and exerting positive impacts on children, young people and families.

Viviane Hall

G forces during transportation of critically ill neonates

Ruth Berry

Improving outcomes from A/E attendance

Nicola Costello

Impact of Alexithymia on children with ASD

Nabeel Chaudhry

Helping social workers to work with neglect

Janet Wray

Working differently to improve screening for autism

Katie Fenton

G forces during transportation of critically ill neonates

Margaret Osborne

Inclusion of fathers with their newborn baby

Natalie Fairhurst

Parents participating in decision-making in NICU

Michaela Barnard

Support for parents who have been bereaved

Jason Vickers

Young people engaging in health consultation

Buthaina Aljehany

Enhancing teachers’ ability to manage T1DM

Nashi AlReshidi

Improving children’s knowledge of asthma

Nashi AlReshidi

Improving postoperative pain management for children

Nojoud AlReshidi

Improving initiation of breastfeeding

Duaa Hefni

Preventing obesity in schoolchildren