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Safeguarding children

 In this programme we are working with key partners to tackle neglect, child sexual abuse, and the impacts of substance misuse on children. Important aspects of this work include adopting a public health approach to safeguarding, and the provision of parallel support for parents with substance problems and their children.

 See safeguarding work in action In Cambodia



Go to the Child Sexual Abuse Hub for details of current safeguarding work.

Contact: Michael Murphy or Tony Long.

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The Pennine Acute Hospitals 


Outcomes of hospital-focused treatment and care

Research in the programme is designed to improve outcomes in a range of treatment areas, including quality of life for survivors of childhood brain tumours; children and young people attending A&E departments; families’ experiences of access and transitions between primary and secondary care setting; and the effect of making music for and with children in hospital. 

Contact: Joan Livesley, Andrew Rowland or Tony Long

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Public health in schools

RUDifferentWorking with an external partner, this research adopts RU Different? social marketing strategies to address young people’s risk behaviour in experimenting with drugs and alcohol; unsafe sex; smoking; and weapon-carrying. This research has extended to developing resilience in young people in relation to child sexual exploitation.

Contact Mike Ravey for more information.



Mental health care for young people

Research in this programme is designed to improve outcomes in a range of mental health issues through prevention and early intervention. Self-harm, suicide, young carers, the emotional aspects of female genital mutilation and acculturation are some of the issues that are included in our portfolio of research.

Contact Sue McAndrew for more information.

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Educating the children & young people workforce

In this field we are both innovating and evidencing the impact of developments in educating professionals to work with children and young people, including whole-curriculum transformation, and exploiting the powerful potential of hi-fidelity simulation (HFS). Young people are actively involved in this HFS.

Contact Amanda Miller for more information.