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Current studies

Establishing how health services could have the greatest positive impact on health and well-being for families of children with enduring physical needs: the view from the family’s world

The views and experiences of families are of vital importance to this work. There are different ways for families to participate (a 10 minute questionnaire, a family event, or as a case study) and we hope that you will feel able to help in some way.

  • For the parent/carer’s survey please use link 
  • For the children and young people’s survey please use link

For further information about the study please contact Katie Fenton,

Email: Mobile: 07541 314 485

A feasibility study of enhanced occupational therapy interventions for children and adolescents with central nervous system tumours in the first two years from diagnosis

brian scan

Study is designed to apply the skills of the OT to help children with a brain tumour in hospital, home and school in a way that is acceptable to patients, and which offers a much enhanced level of care. The project is establishing the feasibility of completing a raft of assessments, interventions and evaluations of outcomes in this patient population. Achieving harmonisation in approach between two treatment centres will open the way for a multi-centre intervention study.

Funded by NIHR Research for Patient Benefit

For more details contact Professor Tony Long

Investigating the impact of internal, external and environmental factors on children’s self-esteem and the link to health status, quality of life, and mental well-being

Brain_tumour2This project is a detailed exploration of factors that link to self-esteem in school-aged children and young people during the first three years following their diagnosis. To achieve this, self-esteem, health status, health-related quality of life, and psychological well-being are measured at a single point for 60 participants (and their parents or carers) by means of questionnaires and age-appropriate consultation techniques. For twenty children, these factors will be studied for a further year to establish any changes over time. Understanding the complex link between these factors will enable more optimal use of resources for psychosocial and educational support and enable more targeted interventions to be developed over time.

Funded byKidscan

For more details contact Professor Tony Long 

Evaluation of the LIME Music Medical Notes (2) and Songbirds Projects

LIME_Music The Medical Notes (2) project aims to provide children and young people aged 0-19 years at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital with sustained opportunities to explore, play, interact and create through music-making, supported by highly skilled Music for Health practitioners. The Songbirds project aims to improve the musical and wider development of early years children with acquired brain injury and long term ventilation at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital through creative music-making. A case study design enables multiple components to be evaluated, answering the key questions of what works in what circumstance with whom when considering the impact of music-making on enhancing resilience in children facing adversity due to their medical condition.

Funded by Music for Health and LIME Arts

For more details contact Dr Joan Livesley

Family experiences of children’s access to health services after implementation of the Health and Social Care Act 2012

Action for sick childrenA national survey followed by three regional structured family events, ending with interviews with key informants will establish parents’ perspectives on the process of accessing healthcare for their children, whether or not they experience healthcare which is commensurate with the requirements of the ASC Children’s Charter, and the degree to which children with mental health problems, disability, communication problems, or enduring health problems experience a health service designed to meet their additional needs.

Funded by Action for Sick Children

For more details contact: Joan Livesley, Professor Tony Long, Katie Fenton