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Children’s and Young People’s Advocacy House North

A vision for a children’s advocacy centre in the North designed in co-production with local children and young people.

NHS England (North Region) commissioned the CYP@Salford research team to find out from children and young people (“the young consultants”), their views and opinions on the possible creation of a children’s advocacy centre in the North of England. From the start, the young consultants  preferred the term “Advocacy House” so this was adopted.

Evaluation Aim

The aim of the consultation was two-fold. The first was to find out from young people what they thought about the idea of an Advocacy House in the north of England (Manchester). The second to determine how young people could be involved in the co-design and co-production of such a house, from design  to the delivery and evaluation of services provided, if the concept was taken forward.


1. To explore children and young people’s understanding and meaning of the term advocacy

2. To establish in what circumstances they may have or would contact such a centre

3. To establish what such a centre may look like and what should be provided to ensure that it is acceptable to children and young people.

4. To establish the facilitators and barriers in them accessing such an advocacy centre.

The recommendations from the Advocacy House consultation were launched by NHS England (North) on 20 March 2018 in the following report:

Download the report on Children's and Young People's Advocacy House North