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Past seminars

Seminar titleResearch groupSpeakersDateTimeLocationBooking
Householder experiences of fuel povertyDirectorate of Social Work

Dr Graeme Sherriff and Danielle Butler

16th Feb 201612pm-1pmMary Seacole MS2.64

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Addressing the Problems of Speaking and Listening in Research: A Critical Exploration of the Potentials of Mobile Methods in Researching Young Men’s Lives in Manchester Directorate of Social Work

Dr Alastair Roy 

24th Feb 201611am-12pmMary Seacole MS3.02

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Living through and responding to Disasters: Insights from the disaster social work interventions of the Nepal School of Social Work Directorate of Social Work

Bala Raju Nikku, PhD

3rd Mar 20161pm-2pmL219 Allerton building

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Working across boundariesDirectorate of Social Work

Ian Cummins and Helen Scholar

23rd Mar 20161pm-2pmMary Seacole MS1.75

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Addressing the Complexities of Homelessness: Using Realist Evaluation to Assess New PracticeSustainable Housing & Urban Studies Unit (SHUSU)

Dr Michelle Cornes

24th Mar 20162pm-3:30pmMary Seacole MS3.02

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‘Knowledge for Change’? Evaluating Complex InterventionsKnowledge and Place

Professor Louise Ackers

18th Apr 20161pm-2pmAllerton L218

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‘Legislating Ethics - but not Moralizing the Law: The Shariah's Scope and Limits’ & ‘Restorative v Retributive Justice': Seeking for Alternatives for Child Offenders in MalaysiaSocial Sciences Directorate

Dr Shabbir Akhtar, University of Oxford and Dr Farah Dusuki, University of Malaysia

20th Apr 20162pm-4pmMary Seacole MS.167/168

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Shifting paradigms: patients as partners; information as therapyLong term conditions

Mark Duman

5th May 20161pm-2pmMary Seacole MS2.59

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Challenging dominant narratives: Stories of women seeking asylumSustainable Housing & Urban Studies Unit (SHUSU)

Kate Smith

12th May 20161pm-2pmMary Seacole MS2.64

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The time has come for Augmented Reality: a workshop to explore health and social care applicationsCARe

Dr Ian Drumm 

19th May 20161pm-2pmMS3.02

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Translating research into practice: ‘Knowledge mobilisation’ in the NHSKnowledge and Place

Dr Joy Probyn

25th May 20161pm-2pmAllerton A106

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Super-diverse neighbourhoods, residential mobility and migrant place-makingSustainable Housing & Urban Studies Unit (SHUSU)

Dr Simon Pemberton

8th Jun 201612pm-1pmMary Seacole MS3.02

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"Throughout my life I've had people walk all over me" Trauma and Male Violence ’ 15th Jun 20161pm-2pm
Challenging dominant narratives: Stories of women seeking asylumSustainable Housing & Urban Studies Unit (SHUSU)

Kate Smith

23rd Jun 20161pm-2pmMary Seacole MS167/168

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Student experiences of unpaid work – internships and volunteering exploredKnowledge and Place

Eileen Cunningham 

24th Jun 201610am-11amAllerton L219

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Fuel Poverty: Telling the StorySustainable Housing and Urban Studies Unit (SHUSU)

Ian Beesley, Tina Gandhi and Angela Tod.

1st Nov 201610am-4:30pmMedia City

Details and booking can be found through Fuel Poverty Research Network website

ESRC Festival of Social ScienceCARe

Various speakers across the events. See the full programme for details.

5th Nov 2016-Various across Salford & Manchester

See the full programme of events here

Exploring the impact of and responses to child sexual exploitationThis is a free event, funded by the ESRC Social Science Festival

An interactive event, opened by Ann Coffey MP

7th Nov 20164:30pm-7pmRobert Powell Theatre, Allerton Building, Frederick Road, M6 6PU

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Applied criminological research: Social media and political extremismThis event is part of the ESRC Social Science Festival9th Nov 201610am-12pmMary Seacole Building

This is an invitation only event. For further details, please contact Muzammil Quraishi

This event is part of ESRC Festival

Get Warm SoonCARe. This event is also part of the ESRC Social Science Festival

Jamie Ruse from National Energy Action

9th Nov 20162pm-4pmMary Seacole 1.71/1.72

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Dementia Friendly Environments WorkshopSalford Institute for Dementia

A free workshop exploring environments and how they are viewed by people living with dementia.

9th Nov 20165:30pm-8pmSalford Museum & Art Gallery, Peel Park, The Crescent, Salford, M5 4WT

Part of the ESRC Social Science Festival.

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or call – 0161 295 2363

Exploring the links between unpaid care and income poverty in the UKSustainable Housing & Urban Studies Unit (SHUSU)

Ceri Hughes

10th Nov 20161pm-2pmMary Seacole MS 3.02

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Unlocking the Knowledge and Experience of Autism in the PrisonCARe

Dr Clare Allely and Dr Toni Wood

1st Dec 20162:30pm-3:30pmMary Seacole, MS 256

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Retiring to Spain: British women’s narratives of nostalgia, belonging and community SHUSU

Dr Anya Ahmed

15th Dec 20163:30pm-5:30pmMary Seacole MS 3.02

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Women Offenders Repeat Self-Harm Intervention Pilot II (WORSHIP II): What have we learnt?Centre for Applied Research in Health, Welfare and Policy (CARe)

Dr Tammi Walker

1st Feb 201712:30pm-1:30pmMary Seacole MS174

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Extremist groups and the continuum of social influence – evidence and implications for policy and practiceSocial Sciences Seminar Series

Professor Rod Dubrow-Marshall

1st Mar 20171pm-2:30pmMary Seacole, MS175

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Greedy Family Fairytales: An ethnographic exploration of telling and marketsCARe

Dr. Emilie Whitaker

30th Mar 20173pm-4:30pmMary Seacole, MS136

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Communities, gentrification and resilience in Chile: social and environmental dimensionsSHUSU

Dr. Jorge Inzulza-Contardo and Dr. Geraldine Herrmann-Lunecke

24th Apr 20172:30pm-4pmMary Seacole Building, MS169/170

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Child-against-Parent Abuse in Greater Manchester (Key themes, collaboration and preventative interventions)CARe

Dr Simon Retford

3rd May 20171pm-2:30pmMary Seacole, MS171/172

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Here.Me.Now: The goals and aspirations of young people living in communities labelled as gang affectedCARe

Charlene Crossley

4th May 20171pm-2:30pmMary Seacole, MS263

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Do zero energy homes make economic sense?SHUSU

Dr. Trivess Moore & Dr. Stephen Berry

17th May 20172:30pm-4pmMary Seacole Building, MS175

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'Digital Sociology as Critical, Interdisciplinary Practice.'Social Sciences

Dr. Karen Gregory

18th May 20173pm-4:30pmMary Seacole, MS175

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'Ludefaction: fracking of the radical imaginary.'Social Sciences

Dr. Graeme Kirkpatrick

31st May 20171pm-2:30pmMary Seacole, MS175

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'Working to live, not living to work': Low-paid multiple employment and work-life articulationSHUSU

Dr Andrew Smith and Dr Jo McBride

15th Sep 20172:30pm-3:30pmAllerton L525

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Getting Your Ethics Approval the First Time RoundCARe

Dr Susan McAndrew

20th Sep 201710am-12pmMary Seacole MS3.02

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Game of Homes - Using Gamification to Reduce Fuel PovertySHUSU

Craig White

27th Sep 20171pm-2pmMary Seacole MS2.43

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Medical Notes and Songbirds: improving children's lives through music in hospitalsCARe

Ros Hawley & Mark Fisher

5th Oct 201710am-12pmCouncil Chamber, The Old Fire Station

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"How to do impact: nuts and bolts"CARe

Dr Tracey Williamson and Mr Rob Higgins

10th Oct 20172pm-4pmNewton Building, Room 234

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Uncovering the Glass Cliff: Women's leadership roles in times of crisisERS

Prof Michelle Ryan

11th Oct 201710am-11:30amCouncil Chamber, The Old Fire Station

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What Are We Talking About When We Talk About ‘Pornography’? and ‘Silenced Voices: Women living at the intersection of domestic abuse and HIV' CLDR

Ruth Beresford (University of Sheffield) and Lynda Shentall (University of Salford)

26th Oct 20171pm-2:30pmMary Seacole MS2.43

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"I just want to be fixed!" Informed consent for percutaneous coronary intervention: A grounded theory study.KHP

Dr Joy Probyn

1st Nov 20172pm-3:30pmAllerton L207

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Immersive environments: from education to health and beyondCARe

Dr Tracey Williamson (Chair), Collette Golcher, Amanda Miller, and Professor David Roberts

1st Dec 20171pm-2pmMary Seacole MS3.02

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"I'm a survivor not a skiver": Disabled people's experiences of welfare conditionalitySHUSU

Katy Jones

7th Dec 20171pm-2pmMary Seacole MS1.67/1.68

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The tense of the other: encounters in settler colonial citiesKHP

Dr Katie Higgins (Keele University)

11th Dec 20171pm-2pmAllerton L525

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From the margins to the centre: bringing gender and sexuality studies into the mainstream through a consideration of the Hashtag #NSFW (Not Safe For Work) CLDR

Professor Ben Light (University of Salford), Professor Susanna Paasonen (University of Turku, Finland) and Professor Jenny Sundén (Södertörn University, Sweden)

14th Dec 20171pm-3pmAllerton L219

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Building the Handbook of Community Action and PracticeCLDR

Professor Carl Milofsky (Bucknell University, USA)

9th Jan 201810am-11:30amMary Seacole MS2.64

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Academics writing in the contemporary university workplaceCARe

Dr Karin Tusting (University of Lancaster)

18th Jan 20181pm-2:30pmMary Seacole MS1.71/1.72

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'Rethinking Heroin in "Austerity Britain".'CLDR

Dr Steve Wakeman (Liverpool John Moores University)

24th Jan 20181pm-2:30pmAllerton L525

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The role of health care professional and social support systems as determinants of self-care among adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus in Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaKHP

Sabah Alsomali (University of Salford)

7th Feb 20181pm-2pmMary Seacole MS1.36

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Being an IPA researcher: Reflecting on ways to engage interpretatively and phenomenologically with our participants lived experiences.CARe

Dr Virginia Eatough (Birkbeck University of London)

21st Feb 20182pm-4pmAllerton L217

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The War against the Homeless and the Poor: The Racial Cleansing of LA’s Skid RowSHUSU

Dr Andrea Gibbons

14th May 20181pm-3pmMary Seacole MS3.02

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Embarrassment and gratitude: The experience of food bank use in EnglandSHUSU

Alan Connolly (Lancaster University)

18th Oct 201812pm-2pmAllerton, L417

Against Creativity – redefining what it means to be creative under modern capitalismSHUSU

Dr Oli Mould (Royal Holloway, University of London)

27th Nov 20184:30pm-5:30pmMary Seacole, MS1.51

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Towards shared efficacy - lifestyle self-management experiences of South Asians after a heart attackCARe

Dr Dilla Davis (University of Salford)

25th Apr 201912pm-1pmMary Seacole Building, Room MS3.02

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