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Meet our team

Dr Anna Akinshina

Physical Chemistry

Dr Jeremy Allen

Biomedical Science

Dr Athar Aziz

Biomedical Science

Dr Darren Brooks

Molecular Parasitology

Dr Joanna Denbigh


Dr Gianpiero Di Leva

Biomedical Science

Dr Rhoderick Elder

Molecular Bioscience

Prof Howard Foster


Dr David Greensmith

Biomedical Science

Dr John Hadfield

Medicinal Chemistry

Dr Chloe James

Medical Microbiology

Dr Zeljka Krpetic

Physical Chemistry

Prof Marija Krstic-Demonacos

Molecular Medicine

Dr Gemma Lace-Costigan

Biomedical Science

Dr Joe Latimer

Antimicrobial resistance

Prof Michael Lisanti

Translational medicine

Prof Andy Miah

Science Communication and Future Media

Dr Pika Miklavc

Human Physiology

Dr Arijit Mukhopadhyay

Human genetics

Dr Niroshini Nirmalan

Biomedical Science

Dr Ian Podmore

Analytical Bioscience

Dr David Pye

Biomedical Science

Dr Patricia Ragazzon


Prof Mike Rogan


Dr Steven Rossington

Organic Chemistry

Dr Lucy Smyth

Human Physiology

Dr Federica Sotgia

Biomedical science

Dr Caroline Topham

Biomedical Sciences

Dr James Wilkinson

Organic Chemistry

Dr Sarah Withers


Associate Members

Prof Richard Birtles

Chair in Biomedicine

Dr Rachel Brenchley

Genomics and Bioinformatics

Dr Natalie Ferry


Dr Ian Goodhead

Infectious Diseases

Prof Geoff Hide

Biology, Zoology, Human Biology and Infectious Diseases

Prof Michael Rogan

Wildlife & Organismal Biology

Emeritus Professors

Prof Roger Bisby

Emeritus Professor

Prof Philip Craig

Emeritus Professor

Prof Allan McGown

Molecular Drug Design

Research Assistants

Dr Gloria Bonucelli

Dr Marco Fiorillo

Biomedical science

Dr Bela Ozsvari

Biomedical science