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Practice as Research

The role of the Practice as Research Centre of Excellence is to support, prompt and make visible Practice as Research activity across the research groups in the School of Arts and Media and beyond.  We aim to be at the forefront of current conversations in the wider field of practice-as-research, both strategically and methodologically, and to make this information accessible to university colleagues and postgraduate students. The Centre also has a remit to champion and celebrate research-through-practice in its concomitant variety of formats and disciplines, through events such as seminars, workshops and publications and we are particularly interested in developing and supporting interdisciplinary and collaborative ways of working. Finally, the Centre aims to increase the visibility of existing and developing PaR enquiries in the School, and increase our knowledge (in the School of Arts and Media and beyond) of differing definitions of PaR and how it is documented, disseminated and assessed.

This new interdisciplinary centre aims to work with and across research groups within the school to fulfil its aims. Planned activities for the centre include:

  • Workshops or presentations from internal and external colleagues on PaR methodology
  • Workshops or presentations on the presentation of PaR for REF and funding bid purposes
  • Setting up and facilitating a collegiate network for reviewing PaR outputs
  • Supporting and nurturing early-career and PG researchers in the development of PaR projects
  • Advocating for the validity of these forms of research by seeking out models of good and successfully evaluated practice from other national and international institutions
    Please see the Events page for upcoming events and workshops organised by the PaR Centre of Excellence.

Practice as Research projects exist across the research groups within the school and can be accessed through each group’s webpage. As the centre develops, we will highlight key instances of PaR work across the school in this space.

The PaR Centre for Excellence welcomes proposals and expressions of interests from students in the fields represented in the School’s research groups, who are specifically interested in practice based approaches to research.

We are happy to advise and work with you on developing this aspect of your proposal, in collaboration with supervisors from your chosen field.

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