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  • Ursula Hurley is taking part in an AHRC funded collaborative project called 'In The Making': a co-constructed mapping and feasibility study of digital fabrication labs and their potential to catalyse cultural change. This is funded by the AHRC’s Connected Communities Scheme.
  • Jennifer Campbell (Masters and PhD candidate) is conducting research into using experimental writing for people with a dementia diagnosis building on our links with CIC 'arthur+martha' and in conjunction with the Salford Institute for Dementia.
  • Jade Munslow Ong co-founded and launched the Northern Postcolonial Network in November 2014, and is currently co-ordinator. This initiative supports cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange amongst scholars working on postcolonial topics in the north of the UK and facilitates conversations on postcolonial cultures between academics, students, external organisations, non-academic partners and the wider public.
  • Lucia Nigri is working a collaborative project called SEMES: Shakespeare’s Early Modern European Sources: Drama, Narrative, Music. This is a cross-institutional semantic computational project devoted to the elaboration of a VRE dedicated to the creation of relational collections of Shakespeare’s European sources and their propagation through an open-access system. This digital project takes into account the European circulation, translation, and adaptation of the sources' early modern editions, which often present significant textual and paratextual variants, additions, and omissions. In August Lucia will also start working on the VCECS project (Shakespeare in Manchester: Reproducing Early Modern Plays in the Northwest).
  • Maggie Scott is investigating the manuscript dictionary of 'Arms, Armour and Costume' compiled by Charles Relly Beard (1891-1958), and held by the Society of Antiquaries of London. Beard was an expert in these subjects, and advisor for Hollywood films including Treasure Island (1950).