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Research themes

  • The historical development of UK television performance; television aesthetics  (Richard Hewett)
  • Film theory, practice and philosophy;   Cultural networks, distribution, funding and aesthetics of film (Martin Flanaghan; Robin Ellis)
  • European and global Media Policy; Internet Governance; public service media (Marek Bekerman; Seamus Simpson)
  • The changing nature and functions of Journalism (Marek Bekerman; Paul Broster; Martin Hamer)
  • Media industries and their popular narratives (Anthony Smith)
  • Meta TV in Practice – the creation of new video products that invite the viewer to reflect on the content they are presented with (Annabelle Waller)
  • Critical analysis of popular culture: feminism and popular culture; popular music, mass entertainment and celebrity (Kirsty Fairclough)
  • Approaches to the analysis of mainstream and alternative comedy (Lloyd Peters; Kirsty Fairclough)
  • East Asian cinema  (Andy Willis)
  • History of journalism; Cultural History of Public Urban Green Spaces  (Carole O’Reilly)
  • Cognitive, emotional and behavioural consequences of exposure to media messages, with particular focus on the role played by media in affecting  the public's involvement in politics and citizenship-related issues  (Sharon Coen)