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International Professional For a: A study of Civil Society Organisation Participation in Internet Governance

Seamus Simpson (CCM’s Professor of Media Policy) has recently begun a three year ESRC funded research project on civil society participation in Internet governance. This is a collaborative project with Alison Harcourt (Project PI, Politics, University of Exeter) and George Christou (Project Co-I, Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick). The project asks, does civil society participation in self-regulatory fora promote public interest goals in internet governance at the international level? The project will lift the lid on internet governance at the international level with detailed insight into a world which, although highly technical, very much affects the way in which citizens live and work on a daily basis.  This project innovates, as it will analyse participation of civil society groups in self-regulatory technical fora with no formal state involvement

Project Duration: September 2015-September 2018

Funder: Economic and Social Research Council

Project Value: £470,000

Project website: