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Partnerships and Collaboration

Collaborative Provision Policy and Procedures

The University's Collaborative Provision Policy and Procedure outlines the principles for the approval, management, monitoring and withdrawal of all forms of collaborative provision, both in the UK and overseas.  

The Policy and Procedures have been mapped against Chapter B10 of the UK Quality Code to enable the University to meet the expectations regarding Managing Higher Education Provision with Others, as well as the Characteristic Statement for Qualifications Involving More Than One Degree-Awarding Body.

The University defines Collaborative Provision as all learning opportunities leading or contributing to the award of academic credit or a qualification that is delivered, assessed or supported through an arrangement with one or more organisations other than the University.

Underlying the Policy and Procedures is the fundamental principle that the University has ultimate responsibility for the academic standards and quality of learning opportunities of all awards made in its name, regardless of where these opportunities are delivered and who is delivering them.

The policy is designed to protect the experience of our students, regardless of where they study, and to encourage and facilitate enhanced practice within our own institution and those of our partners.

For further information regarding the Collaborative Provision Policy and Procedures, contact Jayne Langlands, Quality and Enhancement Manager, ext 52556,